Procesión del Silencio

Relax! Although this a little bit threatening looking guy seems to be a member of the Ku-Klux-Klan I can tell you not to worry: It’s just a catholic (well maybe he is a little bit more catholic than the usual catholic…). And the stick in his hand is not a baseball bat but a large candle (maybe used for exorcism – who knows).

I took this photo during the Procesión del Silencio which takes place in Madrid every year on Eastern.


For me panning shots are often try and error shots. So usually I make a whole series using shutter priority mode with different time settings. Surprisingly this “one shot picture” of an ambulance in Madrid resulted in a nice panning photo.

While this panning picture was made by following the moving car sideways you can achieve a similar effect by using the zoom as I did here.


If you ever thought about pimping your bokeh in an experimental way, here is a nice and easy howto.

The shape of the bokeh is defined by the shape of the aperture. Usually a lens has eight or nine a bit curved aperture blades which model a more or less perfect circle resulting in the typically circle bokeh (see the fist picture). So if you use a wide aperture and add a smaller stencil in front of the lens the bokeh will have the shape of the stencil instead of the shape modeled by the aperture blades. In picture two I used a star stencil and in picture three a snowflake stencil resulting in little star and snowflake bokeh. As you can see in the three picture I used the handlebars of my bike as focus point.

Here is how I did it:
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Circus Flic Flac

When I visited circus EigenArt last year (see Circus EigenArt) it was quite some time since my last visit in a circus. Because I really enjoyed the show I decided to visit the circus Flic Flac. I was pretty happy (and suppressed) that both circuses allow taking photos (for non commercial purposes).

Flic Flac is again a circus without animals! So no worries about bad treated animals. But Flic Flac is way bigger than EigenArt: The tent has room for 1500 people.

The show was pretty amazing and very well prepared.

Hot & Twisted

If I remember correctly then I know how to juggle since I was 18. Actually I am not spending much time on juggling nowadays but from time to time I pass by at a juggling club in the University near by. From there I know several people who are professional fire jugglers. The other day three groups from there had a performance where I had the chance to take lots of pictures.

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