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Flic Flac PUNXXX

Its been four years since the last time I saw a show of circus Flic Flac and I was really excited to see the new show PUNXXX. The motto was – as the name of the show suggests – punk rock and most costumes and music was selected accordingly.

As usual for Flic Flac non of the acts involved animals. It was all about acrobatics, juggling, slapstick and stunts.

You can find the pictures from my last Flic Flac visit here.

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Circus Flic Flac

When I visited circus EigenArt last year (see Circus EigenArt) it was quite some time since my last visit in a circus. Because I really enjoyed the show I decided to visit the circus Flic Flac. I was pretty happy (and surprised) that both circuses allow taking photos (for non commercial purposes).

Flic Flac is again a circus without animals! So no worries about bad treated animals. But Flic Flac is way bigger than EigenArt: The tent has room for 1500 people.

The show was pretty amazing and very well prepared.


Circus EigenArt

Frankly I can’t remember when I visited a circus the last time. It was surely more than 20 years ago. So I was a little skeptical when I was asked if I would like to visit a show of Circus EigenArt. It is a pretty small circus with no animals. So there is lot’s of jugging, acrobatic and clownery.

But it was really amazing. Due to the small tent I felt like sitting nearly on the stage. The (live) music was very good integrated it the different acts and the shows were awesome.