Zombie Walk 2016

Since weeks I looked forward to this year’s zombie walk. It was great fun last year and I took a lot of awesome photos there. Sadly three days before the walk the shutter of my EOS 70D died and I had to use my old dusty 450D 🙁

However it was a lot of fun and here are some pics of the 7th zombie walk in Bielefeld.

Carnival of Cultures 2016

For the 20th time Bielefeld celebrated the Carnival of Cultures. As usual it was a real pleasure to see all those beautiful and fanciful costumes.

Red Chard in the Snow

Winter is over and here they are: the snow pictures. Sadly we did not have a lot of snow this year. I think I had only like two or three occasions to run out and take some pictures.

I focused on the red and yellow chard which was still growing in a bed in a corner of our garden. Some of the pictures are slightly over exposed but I like the powerful colors (so it’s more about the colors than about the motif itself).