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Malte RöhsBack in 2010 I bought my first DSLR. Since then I’m learning more and more about photography and started spending more and more time in taking pictures. It’s not that I’m fixed to a certain kind of photos (like stills, macros or portrait photography) but more that I’m playing around with everything that seems interesting (to me).

In this time I made a few pictures which are – to my humble opinion – quite nice and so the idea behind this photo blog is simply to present some of my pictures to a bigger audience and to receive some feedback. This means that I’m going to pick some pictures for you and post from time to time new photos or even some that I took some time ago. If you like to give some comments on any picture, be sure that it’s appreciated.

All picture on this blog have been taken by myself.

Enjoy the photos

Malte Röhs

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