Remedios is a small city in the north of central Cuba. With it’s about 30,000 habitants Remedios is a sleepy and quiet place with lots of old lovely colonial buildings. Lots of them haven’t see a new paint for decades, but I really like their grubby charms.

La Habana

Havanna with its two million habitants is a very colorful and versatile city. You can find a lot of old colonial buildings in all kind of states: Some are totally wracked, others look like new and a lot of them are in an in-between state and have this very charming patina for which Cuba is […]

American Cars

If you like old American cars from the 50th like the Buick Super Series, Cadillac Series 62 or the Pontiac Chieftain you should definitively consider planning your next holidays in Cuba. It is really like time traveling with all these old beautiful cars. Some of them look pretty old with rust stains, exhausting deep dark […]