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Carnival of Cultures 2019

This year’s motto of the 23th Carnival der Kulturen in Bielefeld was Atmosfail – for an environmentally sustainable and fair atmosphere. So beside the beautiful costumes – particularity the stilt walkers were really amazing – there were lots of political statements.

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During last year’s EJC I discovered that my tent neighbor Betty was actually a pretty awesome hoop player. She had three very nice LED hoops and happily she agreed on taking a few photos of here playing at night.
So here are some shots from beside the EJC’s fireplace.



Although this picture might look a little dramatic I can tell you that every thing was fine as it was taken on the traditional Easter fire.

inferno at Easter fire
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EJC 2016 on Fire

While one of my last posts showed some pictures of the EJC 2016 at daytime, here are some images after sunset. Every day there was an open fire space where lots of people where willing to show their skills.


Winter Rose

A poem:

Roses are red dead
winter is here.
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EJC 2016

The European Juggling Convention (EJC) is the biggest jugging event in the world. It started quite small with 11 people back in 1978 in Brighton, England and grew up over the years (the biggest EJC was in München, Germany with about 7200 participants).
This summer the EJC 2016 took place in Almere, Netherlands and it was the first time I joined in. I was pretty much excited about all those friendly, beautiful people from all across Europe with these awesome juggling skills from club juggling over hula hoop playing to stilt walking (or even playing soccer on stilts). Here is a small excerpt from the tons of photos I took.