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Circus Flic Flac

When I visited circus EigenArt last year (see Circus EigenArt) it was quite some time since my last visit in a circus. Because I really enjoyed the show I decided to visit the circus Flic Flac. I was pretty happy (and suppressed) that both circuses allow taking photos (for non commercial purposes).

Flic Flac is again a circus without animals! So no worries about bad treated animals. But Flic Flac is way bigger than EigenArt: The tent has room for 1500 people.

The show was pretty amazing and very well prepared.


Circus EigenArt

Frankly I can’t remember when I visited a circus the last time. It was surely more than 20 years ago. So I was a little skeptical when I was asked if I would like to visit a show of Circus EigenArt. It is a pretty small circus with no animals. So there is lot’s of jugging, acrobatic and clownery.

But it was really amazing. Due to the small tent I felt like sitting nearly on the stage. The (live) music was very good integrated it the different acts and the shows were awesome.