Red Chard in the Snow

Winter is over and here they are: the snow pictures. Sadly we did not have a lot of snow this year. I think I had only like two or three occasions to run out and take some pictures.

I focused on the red and yellow chard which was still growing in a bed in a corner of our garden. Some of the pictures are slightly over exposed but I like the powerful colors (so it’s more about the colors than about the motif itself).

Portraits of the carnival

Since 19 years the “Carnival der Kulturen” (carnival of cultures) takes place in Bielefeld. It is always a colorful procession with a lot of creative and beautiful costumes and a good occasion for shooting nice pictures.
This year I took my 70-300 mm lens with me and made a lot of portrait shots.

You can find more information about the Carnival der Kulturen on their homepage and more photos on my post from last year’s carnival.

Procesión del Silencio

Relax! Although this a little bit threatening looking guy seems to be a member of the Ku-Klux-Klan I can tell you not to worry: It’s just a catholic (well maybe he is a little bit more catholic than the usual catholic…). And the stick in his hand is not a baseball bat but a large candle (maybe used for exorcism – who knows).

I took this photo during the Procesión del Silencio with takes place in Madrid every year on Eastern.


For me panning shots are often try and error shots. So usually I make a whole series using shutter priority mode with different time settings. Surprisingly this “one shot picture” of an ambulance in Madrid resulted in a nice panning photo.

While this panning picture was made by following the moving car sideways you can achieve a similar effect by using the zoom as I did here.


If you ever thought about pimping your bokeh in an experimental way, here is a nice and easy howto.

The shape of the bokeh is defined by the shape of the aperture. Usually a lens has eight or nine a bit curved aperture blades which model a more or less perfect circle resulting in the typically circle bokeh (see the fist picture). So if you use a wide aperture and add a smaller stencil in front of the lens the bokeh will have the shape of the stencil instead of the shape modeled by the aperture blades. In picture two I used a star stencil and in picture three a snowflake stencil resulting in little star and snowflake bokeh. As you can see in the three picture I used the handlebars of my bike as focus point.

Here is how I did it:
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