La Habana

Havana with its two million residents is a very colorful and versatile city. You can find a lot of old colonial buildings in all kind of states: Some are totally wracked, others look like new and a lot of them are in an in-between state and have this very charming patina for which Cuba is so popular. You will also find buildings which where influenced from Russian architecture and a lot of big monuments.


American Cars

If you like old American cars from the 50th like the Buick Super Series, Cadillac Series 62 or the Pontiac Chieftain you should definitively consider planning your next holidays in Cuba. It is really like time traveling with all these old beautiful cars. Some of them look pretty old with rust stains, exhausting deep dark smoke and others look like new with perfectly polished chrome bumpers and rims and with a bright and shiny finish.

Event People

Carnival of Cultures 2014

I took these pictures on the 18. Carnival of Cultures in Bielefeld. There are every year a lot of beautiful and creative costumes from groups around the region. This year participated 70 groups with around 2000 artists in the procession.


First Summer Impressions

Yesterday I did a short walk through the garden and took some pictures of flowers and bees.


The Green Eldar

When I took this picture I had to think about an Eldar roaming through the forest of Lothlórien by night : )

People Sport


I took this photo on a juggling convention in Berlin last year. It took place at a really awesome location right at the side of a small lake in a park in the eastern side of Berlin.